ZEB S.A. was established in 2012 under the institutional framework of Energy Service Companies (ESCO) and its scope of activity is the provision of services for the design, planning and installation of energy management and energy saving solutions in non-residential buildings.

ZEB SA is one of the first Greek companies providing energy services (ESCOs).

Pioneers in designing, developing and implementing ENERGY PERFORMANCE CONTRACTS (EPC) in the domestic market
Experience in the Application of International Standards and Practice of Energy Management
( IPMVP, Ashrae, EN, ISO )
Specialized group of energy engineers, auditors and analysts in energy design and energy management of buildings
Certified staff with international experience in managing ESCO projects
Certified staff with international experience in managing ESCO projects

Steadily orientated in creating long lasting principals and sustainable development and through our experience in dealing with complex building issues, in ZEB we desire to support the national effort for achieving energy and environmental targets through projects we undertake, operating at the same time as consultants in organizing and applying national programs.

In ZEB SA we design services which aim at the best possible energy performance in private and public organizations through energy conservation, use of alternative power sources and optimum use of human and financial resources.

We define, design and implement energy saving interventions in building and industrial installations (building shell, E/M installations & equipment, energy management etc) assuring concurrently project implementation with third-party financing. We guarantee specific energy savings, from which each project is repaid individually. Therefore, proposed energy savings projects are feasible solutions for the final client.

Each project is paid according to specific energy savings target which are guaranteed. In this way, the proposed energy saving projects are solutions feasible for the final consumer.

In the context of our energy services, we provide specialized Energy Consulting Services, certified Energy Audits & Inspections, certification of Energy Performance Certificates, ISO 50001 certification consulting services and LEED, WELL & BREEAM Environmental Certification.

ZEB’s workforce includes engineers of all specialties with extensive experience in the design and construction of buildings and infrastructure and has completed numerous projects, some of which are complex or have special requirements. In other words, it has a team with a high level of expertise and specialization and the ability to provide services for any technical project.

  • Energy consulting services
  • Energy audit services
  • Dynamic building portfolio assessment services
  • Commissioning services
  • Environmental certification of buildings (LEED, BREEAM, WELL)
  • Creation of energy simulation models for buildings
  • Design and installation of measurement systems
  • Preliminary studies and feasibility studies for energy efficiency proposals
  • Measurement and monitoring of energy saving projects using international protocols such as IPMVP & ASHRAE Guideline 14.
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) and multi-criteria evaluation of proposed energy saving interventions.
  • Design and examine financing schemes for implementation of energy saving projects.
  • Supervision of technical projects
  • Design of electromechanical installations in buildings and infrastructure

ZEB has received the following awards:

  • 2015 Environmental Awards – Bronze award: Energy Savings Companies & Consultants
  • 2016 Environmental Awards – Gold Award: IPVMP Energy Efficiency Certification

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