To meet the funding needs of projects, ZEB has established a Funding Department to raise funds and finance the investment needs that exist across the range of projects.

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€12.7 billion in loans from the RRF

The approval of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan Greece 2.0 by the European Commission in June 2021, which marks a new era for Greek businesses. With funding from the European Union’s NextGenerationEU fund, the Recovery and Resilience Fund (RRF) will provide €12.7 billion in loans, with the possibility of disbursement until August 2026. By supporting eligible investments, it will give businesses the boost they need to become more sustainable, resilient and digital.

With a comprehensive package of business services, we offer co-funding solutions with RRF and help you implement your investment plans with a turnkey approach.

Proposals must meet the criteria and requirements set out in the guidelines for each invitation. Indicatively:

  • Expenditure on the acquisition and use of fixed assets
  • Expenditure on the acquisition, use and development of land
  • Salary costs linked to the investment project
  • Expenditure relating to travel costs (travel expenses), third party services, consumables, and operating costs
  • Capital expenditure
  • Working capital
  • Promotion and communication costs

The Banking Institution should provide the RRF’s certified independent auditor with the initial elements of the assessment it conducted on the investment project…

  • Pre-approval of the loan for the investment project by the RFF, indicating the terms of the loan (loan amount, interest rate, period, grace period, etc.)
  • Reference to the overall funding scheme
  • Recent creditworthiness of the company
  • Assessment of the investor’s collateral
  • Assessment of viability by assessing whether the business is viable, is in operation and is expected to continue its activities in the future

… which will assess and check 5 key parameters to evaluate the eligibility of an application

  • Assessment of the existence of an eligivle investment project
  • Verification of compliance with the principle of (Do No Significant Ham or DNSH)
  • Eligibility of proposed investment projects for RRF eligible actions
  • Coverage of specific criteria per pillar (green targets, digital targets, innovation indicators, export activity, existing partnerships)
  • Check of the investment project for compatibility with State aid rules & cumulation check


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To contact us via email, please fill in the contact form below.