What are ESCOs

Energy service companies (ESCOs) are specialized companies in energy issues with appropriate expertise and experience.

Their role is based on securing a specific amount of energy savings and their fee is linked to the success rate of guaranteeing energy savings.The first ESCOs were created in the period of the energy crisis of 1970 in the U.S. and Canada. The European Union Directive 2006/32/EC set the legal basis for the establishment ESCOs in the Member States.

• Greek Legislation

The Law 3855/2010 "Measures to improve energy efficiency in end judgment, energy services and other provisions" set the basic strategies, regulations and measures to develop the market for energy services in Greece, and the basis for a major development of energy service companies.

• Services ESCOs

Our Services include:
  • Development, design, and ensuring for energy efficiency projects "FUNDING"
  • Installation and maintenance of the needed equipment for energy
     efficiency projects
  • Measurement, monitoring and verification of energy savings
  • Commitment for improvements effectiveness

These services are included in the cost of the project and are paid through the achieved energy savings.

Business Model 

Investment Model

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